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About Duran.

Duran Inci embraces change and moves fast to correct operational problems by creating automatic processes for companies that are struggling and don’t know why.

With 16 years of intensive experience in technology, marketing and business under his belt, Duran analyzes business operations from a birds-eye view, while digging deep into technical details. He can handle conversations across various departments and organizations, pinpointing the human element in complicated issues.

Duran has worked with and consulted thousands of companies in different industries and in different levels of growth, including Fortune 100 companies.

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What Duran Has to Offer

Aside from running a successful full-service digital marketing firm, Duran is passionate about offering his experience and insight through speaking engagements and in reputable online publications.

Business Coaching

Duran has coached dozens of businesses, some of which have gone from small operations to multi-million dollar companies just based on a few tweaks.

Latest Publications

Duran has been featured and written for Tech.Co, Clarity, Forbes’, YEC, Inc. and more.

Process Automation

With Duran’s 16 years of experience in digital processes, he can pinpoint areas to automate with apps and products to make your business more agile.

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Michael Hsu

“I met Duran a few years ago and am always impressed with his outlook on life and marketing. His no-nonsense approach to brand positioning and marketing oneself is on-point and has helped me tremendously with both my business and my personal branding.”


“I’m always amazed at how Duran thinks! He’s not just a problem-solver – he offers creative technology solutions that most people (or teams) would never dream about creating. Just a simple conversation with him, and he’ll take your thinking to a new level.”




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